Perfect in the morning, as a midday pick-me-up, or alongside a sweet dessert, there’s no bad time for a coffee break! Perfect first thing in the morning, as a midday pick-me-up, or capping the evening alongside a sweet dessert, there’s never a bad time for a coffee break. We’ll walk you through the best way to brew coffee so you can get the next pot started!

How to Make Coffee

What you’ll need to brew coffee in a pot:
It doesn’t take much to brew perfect coffee; as a matter of fact, it only takes three things:

       Filtered water: the fewer impurities in the water, the less competition for the true flavor of the coffee.
       Correct proportions: regardless of machine-type, use two tablespoons of grounds per eight ounces of water, and then adjust to your taste from there.

Tách cà phê buổi sáng mang đến niềm hứng khởi và sức mạnh mà tách trà buổi chiều hay buổi tối không thể nào mang lại được như thế.

Oliver Wendell Holmes (1841-1935)

Basic steps to make perfect coffee:

Here are the basic steps to make coffee—assuming you’re not making it with an automatic coffee machine (in which case, you’d follow manufacturers’ guidelines):

       Line the basket of your coffee maker with a filter. Grind coffee beans to medium or medium-fine grind size. Bring filtered water to a boil, then let it sit for a minute.
       Pour enough water into the filter to wet it completely, and let it drain into your cup or coffee pot. Discard the water.